Chloë Constantinides

I've had a jam-packed career with over 12 years working across marketing, growth, technology, strategy and innovation. I’ve worn multiple hats over the years, including Founder, Director, COO, Head of Product, Director of Growth & Strategy, Facilitator, Consultant and Advisor. I’ve been lucky to gain exposure to hundreds of innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives and incredible business people as a result.

I love solving problems and getting things done. I get a lot of excitement from big ideas and even greater satisfaction from making them come to life – be that an app, a new product, a super smart UI, a podcast, a better customer experience or otherwise.


What I Do

Build Products

From a sketch-on-a-napkin through to setting up a development team and a fully-managed product launch, I love to build products that people love to use. I can assist with all aspects of developing your app, website or digital product (including hardware integrations), either coaching your team, working alongside you, or I can run the whole thing for you. I have over 10 years experience in Product Management, working solo or in large teams - depending on the scale and complexity of the project. Over the years, I've worked on products such as: 3D visualisation tools for architects; an app for roadside insurance customers to use when they're in trouble; safety and process forms for large mining companies; a tablet app that helps to prevent fuel-theft; and interactive learning products for people with dyslexia.


I'm the type of person who froths over the perfect amount of ‘white space’, can quote hexadecimal colour codes from memory and can tell you, without a spirit level, if a picture is hanging 0.3cm down on the right. I like things to look good - a slick user interface; a thoughtful ad execution; or a beautiful pitch deck that piques the interest of investors! I don't design for me. I design for the reader, the viewer, the end user: the person who you want to buy your product or service. That can often mean a style vastly different from my own, but one that feels cohesive, well thought out and simply, on point.


I've always been excited by the challenge of improving something. I'm always curious about learning what's next, what people are working on and what possibilities lie in the future. Innovation helps companies to attract talent, grow, stay ahead of competition, expand into new markets, work faster and smarter. I love working with entrepreneurs to create something new and with companies to do things better. It might be training a team on design thinking and having a growth mindset; developing a new tool that will vastly enhance work processes; or a service design blueprint that will delight loyal customers. I can help you to produce impactful accelerator programs, one-off events that get the innovation juices flowing, or get fully immersed as part of your team.


A humble word can hold extraordinary power. Whether you need a content strategy (all forms of content), regular blogs, one off articles on a topical subject, punchy Google-optimised copy for your website, conversion-driving words for a sales outreach email or a presentation reviewed, I can help. I’ve also written text for countless pop-up notifications, devised ‘cool’ naming conventions for products, designed software on-boarding tutorials, written animated explainer video scripts and much more. I believe in crafting genuine, intelligent, purposeful copy that tells a story, gets people to take action and has personality.